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Published: 01.1970


Pakistan: From The Moghul Empire to Islamic Republic

Pakistan was born in blood and tears, as a result of one of the biggest 20th century traumatisms: the partition of British India into two independent states, India and Pakistan. Since 1947, those two countries live in a mutual hatred, in spite of attempts of conciliation.

India and Pakistan are two nations that host two opposite religions, Islam and Hinduism – while they live together in the Moghul Empire. As a unique political and cultural construction, the moghul Empire built an original and “Indian” Islam, symbolized by many monuments: Agra’s Taj Mahal, Delhi’s Red Fort, the palates of princely States...

However, it is Pakistan, a Muslim State, that established itself as the cultural and political heir of that glorious ancestry. Its geographic and cultural situation makes it a bridge between Iran and Indian worlds. Nowadays, in spite of extreme religious conflicts throughout its history, Pakistan lives a real evolution. It will become, in ten years, the second most populated muslim country in the world.

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