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Published: 01.1970


A Megalomaniacs Dictionary

Their fame may come from politics, show-business, media, sport, they all fascinate, intrigue such as they provoke. Our times is full of megalomaniacs whom distinguish themselves by their excesses, attitudes, behaviors, acts or speeches. They arouse passion or hatred, respect or mockery, curiosity or disdain... but leave nobody indifferent.

Megalomaniacs live in a perfect symbiosis with our current society, full of social networks, TV news and reality shows. This book analyses 50 megalomaniacs, quoting their speeches. From A, for the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, to W, for the fashion diva Anna Wintour, including Beyoncé, Salvador Dalí, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg..., A Megalomaniacs Dictionary is as informational as humoristic. A dictionary in line with our times, where selfies are everywhere.

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