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Published: 01.1970


Profession: Dictator

They are megalomaniac tyrants, irremovable old men, false democrats and real despots... The current dictators, even if they are not less cruel than past ones, learnt to disguise the dictator-craving-for-power persona.

They are heirs and often get their legitimacy from a family that harmed in their country for decades; they are nostalgic of the Soviet model and its methods; they are African autocrats and looted their people’s resources... But they all understood that to last, nowadays, they need to change their method; knowing how to play with democratic rules and being a good communicator (social networks, fake news...).

Facing those regimes, is Europe so sure to be vaccinated against despotism temptation? Our increasing fascination for strong men has to interrogate us.

Kim Jong-Un, Bachar el-Assad, Raúl Castro, Lou- kachenko, Obiang Nguema, Omar el-Béchir..., this portraits gallery helps us to understand what a dictatorship is and how to fight against. Because masks of dictatorship are often reassuring, subtle... and misleading.

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