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Published: 01.1970


Milan Kundera

The first biography of one of the most contemporary writers

  Born April 1st, 1929, bound to become a musician (as his father, a notorious piano player), he became a communist poet. A brilliant ironist, he criticized theregime in his first novels, with a disenchanted humor. He taught cinema for more than 20 years in the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and took up boxing as an amateur. Excluded from the Party after Prague Spring, he left Czechoslovakia in 1957 to move in France. There he published his hot novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being and chose, in 1995, French as his unique writing language.

Jean-Dominique Brierre retraces his literary, intellectual and political contrasting path, and gives an historical enlightenment by basing on Kundera’s writings and new testimonies from celebrities and close relationships. Paradoxical, complex, secret, absent from media, Milan Kundera is considered today as one of the best writers of that half-century, besides Philip Roth or Ismail Kadare.

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