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Published: 01.1970


The Rose and The Hangman

Britany, 18th Century. Young Julienne, who lost her mother and whose father is a ship captain, does not want to live with her stepmother anymore. She decides to run away, dressing up like a boy.
In Paris but strapped for resources, she convinces a recruiting sergeant who enrols her in to the army, and gives her a nickname, Sans-Souci. Following one of her roommates, Bel-Amour, she takes part in a burglary that goes wrong. Bel-Amour is sentenced to death.
Keeping her real identity secret, she goes to war in Bohemia where she behaves with bravery during the siege of Prague. Back in France, her only choice is… to assist the Marseille hangman. Soon she will become the main hangman in Lyon.
Based on true historical facts, the incredible story of a female hangman in the XVIIIth century.

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