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Published: 01.1970


Marie-Antoinette, The Indomptable

Who really was Marie-Antoinette? For sure, she was brave enough to live freely, in spite of her mother, Empress of Austria, her father’s image, Prince of Lorraine, and most of all, the old etiquette ruling court of France.
Revolutionary Tribunal only owed her faded shadow, after she took everything from life: she was Fersen’s lover, a faithful friend, Louis XVI’s friend, the four children’s mother, the Queen of France, a drama actress and the creator of Petit Trianon.
A biographer of women, Élisabeth Reynaud deciphers for us Marie-Antoinette: the dauphine, the queen and most of all, the woman. From her arrival at the court at 14, on 16th May 1770, the day she married with future Louis XVI, to her execution, on 16th October 1793.

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