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Published: 01.1970


The Little Girl Who Danced in Her Head

Nigera, 1965. Mary was born in a bush hospital. At 3, in a war-torn Biafra, she was sent to a camp in Gabon. Disease and malnutrition caused damages: she couldn’t walk anymore. Nobody believed she would regain use of her legs. But she has such a craving for life!
At 5, she flew to France: a couple offered to support her. After surgical operations and years of rehabilitation, a new life started, not that far from her adoptive family, with her white siblings.
But at 12, she discovered that her parents were still alive, that she had black siblings and another first name: Regina. Most of all, because she was not a French citizen, authorities demanded her return in Nigera, with a family she did not know, and a language she did not master. How would she be received by her family?

“Meeting Regina strengthened my idea that there is no lost battle: life is still the strongest”,
Bernard Kouchner, former French Minister and co-founder of Médecins sans Frontières and Médecins du Monde.

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