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Published: 09.2019


Paul Bocuse

A biographie of the most "French cuisine" Chef who passed away in January 2018

  For every cook, Paul Bocuse (1926 – 2018) wasa patron saint, a godfather, a “Chef”. He made of his name a real brand for excellency, including forthose who never tasted his truffle soup or his Bressechicken.
The king of culinary arts, he made cooks, previouslyconfined in back rooms, become real stars. But hisundisputed know-how would be nothing without his natural marketing sense.
He transformed a cheap hotel restaurant, with pa- per tablecloths and stainless-steel tableware, into a three-stars that he kept more than half a century;he created the “Bocuse d’Or”, the Olympic games ofcooking; and conquered the whole world, from Flori- da to Japan where he became an idol.
To narrate the epic of this ambassador of French cui- sine, Robert Belleret investigated the great chefs, the crew and friends of “Monsieur Paul”. Behind the man, as simple and shy as outrageous and facetious, he depicts history of the great French cuisine.

“Full of delicious anecdotes and testimonies, a biography we read like a novel.” Femme Actuelle Senior

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