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Published: 01.1970


Pierre Rabhi's Carnets

HOW TO SOLVE WORLD HUNGER So as to justify intensive agriculture, some explain that, since fifty years, hunger in the world has decreased. Is it true? What are the reasons for hunger in the world today? For critics of organic farming, it is impossible to feed the population with its techniques. Agroecology is able to feed the planet, the authors explains, so as to end hunger in the world.   SEEDS: A VITAL HERITAGE OF HUMANITY How come 75% of seeds disappeared in the last 100 years? Since more than fifty years, seeds are no longer public property. It’s a sensitive issue, because it affects the basis of life. Alas, it is little known. The power rule is complex, and this problem has remained out of reach and understanding of the general public. What sort of threat do GMOs represent?   THE MISDEMEANORS OF FINANCE OR THE ART OF LEGAL HUNTING The 2008 financial crisis affected each of us. This essay examines mechanisms that led to it, and deeply disrupted our lives. Current economical choices and orientations are a disaster for a large part of humanity. How did we arrive to such an absurdity? Yes, reforms took place. But are they sufficient to avoid a new crisis? However, solutions exist. Another finance, more ethic, can be an option in our world. Based on concrete assessments and aims, it is a global alternative likely to overcome dysfunctions of an ailing system.   WE ARE WATER Plastic contaminates ocean, we can find pesticides in whales’ fat… Ocean, lungs of our earth, is in danger because it absorbs all terrestrial pollutions. And let us not forget that 30% of earth populations has no access to drinkable water. Pierre Rabhi warns us: our relation to water needs to change; we must be conscious of its irreplaceable value.

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