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Published: 01.1970


SS Criminals Who Escaped Punishment

April-May 1945. This is the end for the Third Reich. The last deserters are killed. Eva Braun’s step-brother, Hermann Fegelein, is caught while he was about to sail off. Hitler has him executed, on 28th April 1945; he is one of the last Fuhrer’s victims. Others, such as Heinrich Muller, the Gestapo leader, vanished – and were never found. Some chose suicide; others bargained with Allies, as von Braun or Gehlen. But most of them, as Aloïs Brunner or Klaus Barbie, managed to run away: in Egypt, Syria, South America… After the defeat of the Nazi regime, how did Reich criminals remain unpunished? Exhuming Stasi’s archives and Berlin Federal Archives, Jean-Paul Picaper follows these war criminals, and details their disappearance or their death. He recounts also his meeting, in 1997, with famous Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal. A fascinating investigation into the ashes of evil.

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